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Ali Anthony Bell

 “Write what you know” Mark Twain
Volume I - “From the Rockies to the Windy City”
Born in the Rocky Mountains in Montana, USA in 1960, where my father worked with the
Blackfeet tribe, I learned the values of respect for nature and all peoples. My parents were active in the civil rights movement of the 60’s and we moved to the inner-city ghetto on the west side of Chicago in 1969. This experience of culture shock forged my personality at an early age. (upcoming novel)
Volume II - “1983-1984 Surfing the Purple Wave”
I passed my high-school equivalence diploma (G.E.D) in 1977, at 17, in Santa Clara county,
CA. with an average of 91%, scoring 98% in English literature, the highest score on their records at the time. This diploma had been the condition set by my parents for my liberty. I started studying at the San José City College in the fall of ’77 as a Studio Arts major, while working and paying my own rent. I was sure at the time that I would be a painter.  

On the 7th September, 1983, when I set my foot in Paris France for the first time, I had no
idea that I would live in France for the next 26 years. Arriving in France had been a major life objective for me throughout my youth, having acquired an “idée fixe”. It was on a grant to study film-making that I finally achieved this goal, after having made 2 short films while attending “Film in the Cities” a cinema school in the Twin Cities, Minnesota. One of the films, “The Purple Wave”, was experimental, and the incredible story it brought about is the basis of my second novel.
Volume III – Two decades in France
In 1986 I started working for the American University of Paris, where I worked for 4 years,
while studying business at the same time. In 1990 I finished my studies and was hired by a
manufacturing company in the music industry as Sales Manager. After working for 11 years in the same position, I decided to start my own business as a broker in the music industry in
France in 2001. In 2006 everyone in the music industry in France was hit hard; the MP3 had
come out in 2005 and CD sales dropped by 50% in one year. I closed my business down as a
result of the domino theory.
After working as Sales and Marketing Director for a PLV and Déco company and as Project Manager for a Communication Agency, both in the Paris Area, the general economic crisis of 2009 in France led me to a decision to make a move to Morocco, where the opportunities seemed interesting.
Volume IV - From the Red City to the White House
I came to love Morocco, where I found peace and wonderful people. I embraced Islam the
12th May 2010 and changed my name to Ali. My first two years in Morocco were the basis for my first novel.
Volume V – “In the Lion’s Den”
At present I am a teacher, a coach, a translator, a public speaker, and above all, an
author, using my skills to help people achieve their potential, and participating in the
development of Morocco. This will be my home for the time which is left for me, God willing.