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From the Rockies to the Windy City

Genre: Contemporary Autobiographical Adult Fiction
A young white American boy, the son of a preacher, experiences an enormous culture shock when his family moves from the Blackfeet Native American Reservation at the foot of the Rocky Mountains to join a religious sect in the inner-city Black ghetto on the West Side of Chicago in 1969. The main message of the story is that every single life experience is necessary to make us the unique individuals we are. The story is set between 1964, when the boy is 4 years old, and covers 13 years, until 1977, when he finally breaks free of the religious sect and flies on his own wings. Based on real events in the author's life.

1983-1984 Surfing the Purple Wave

Genre: Contemporary Autobiographical Adult Fiction
A 23-year-old American “starving artist” has had an obsession with France since early childhood. His one lifetime goal is to get to Paris. This story starts in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis/St. Paul) Minnesota, in 1983, where he finally achieves his goal though his endeavors in experimental film making. In the meantime, and completely without his knowledge, he also inadvertently sparks the title of one of the biggest popular music hits of the year, subsequently turning a genius musician with a small cult following into a world famous pop-rock star. The life of the artist continues, as he finally gets to Paris, falls in love, gets married, and settles in France, still an unknown struggling and starving artist.

Cherry Popsicle Day

Genre: Teen, Young Adult, or Adult Fiction
A man is beaten to death by three prison guards on the 15th anniversary of the day he met the one love of his life. He had written a letter to his lover with a poem, and an investigative reporter finds the woman and sends her the letter…we go back to the beginning and relive their story in the woman’s memory. This is a short story inspired by a real event that occurred on August 26, 2015, National Cherry Popsicle Day, in the Santa Clara County Correctional Facility, CA USA It was written one chapter per week in August 2020, following 3 consecutive short story prompts from Reedsy’s weekly short story contest, without knowing what the prompts were going to be.
So, the second and third chapters were written as sequels to the first, making three stories. The
first and third chapters are general fiction, while the second is romance fiction.

From the Red City to the White House

Genre: Adult Fiction based on real events in the author's life
A 50-year-old man struggling with beliefs, identity, and poverty sees an opportunity and moves from Paris to the Land of the Setting Sun to live and work. He lives in the Red City (Marrakesh) for a year, the most difficult year of his life. On what seems like a life-saving proposition from a philanthropist, he moves to another city, White House (Casablanca). The philanthropist turns out to be a misanthropist and our protagonist is in a worse situation than before. However, the move to White House was necessary for his destiny. He finally finds his reason and purpose in life, faith, peace, love, and relative stability.

In the Lion's Den

Genre: Short Story Memoir
Arriving at a decade of life in The Land of The Setting Sun (Morocco), having found his reason and purpose in life as an English teacher, the protagonist (the author) finally finds the job of his dreams in the school of his dreams. Every day is an adventure…but he soon discovers that it’s a lion’s den.

Improve Your Eng

lish! Change Your Life!

This is a self help book for speakers of other languages to help them to improve their English, and in doing so improve their probability of personal and professional success. This book is for teenagers, young adults, and adults with any level of English, including lower levels who desire a way of learning on their own and at their own individual pace which is not traditional, i.e. not a language center or school. The understanding level was set at Pre-intermediate, in order to be able to reach and help a maximum number of people. The reasons I wrote this book are: 1) to help bring the English language to people without the Educative systems, 2) to help as many people as I can worldwide to improve their level of English on their own, 3) and to help these same people to improve their probability of personal and professional success.

Little Things Which Make a Difference

Genre: Collected Articles 2015-2018
The purpose of this collection is firstly to connect, reflect and share ideas with the world andsecondly to inspire people who read in English to start writing themselves. This is a collectionof Ali Anthony Bell’s written opinion articles published on Linked-In Pulse in chronologicalorder from the very first article of one single paragraph in April 2015 to the most recentarticles of 2018. The articles have not been edited; they are in their original form, so that thereader can notice the evolution of the writing style and effectiveness over the three years.The articles are all opinion articles, and aim to discuss the common values that make ushuman.

Dream of Senegal and Other Stories

Genre: Adult Creative Non-Fiction and Fiction, Romance
An American expat in his late forties goes through his mid-life crisis in Paris, France, just after shutting his company down and separating with his French wife after 24 years together. This is a collection of 10 short stories in chronological order over a period of 33 months, all with the same main character and different women in each story. Based on real events in the author's life.

The Great Teacher in You

This is a self-help book for aspiring or practicing teachers to help them to find the great teacher that is within themselves, to motivate them to make change in the world, to really connect with their learners, and ensure the success of learning outcomes. While it is written specifically for teachers of EFL, English as a Foreign Language, the content is applicable for teachers in any field. The advice and examples are taken both from the author's experience and from respected sources.
The audience is adults, ranging from people with absolutely no teaching experience, to experienced teachers, who want to improve their teaching and aspire to become great teachers. The reasons for writing this book are: 1) to help bring the English language to Morocco and the world, 2)to help as many people as I can to become great teachers, and 3) to help these same people to improve their probability of personal and professional success.

A Rose, by Any Other Name and Other Stories

Genre: Short Story collection
Fiction based on real historical events
Anthony Bannister, Investigative Journalist for NPR, interviews people who were witnesses to horrible crimes, human injustice, human suffering, and events which have been hidden or covered up. His reason and purpose are to incite compassion and care in the world and to make people aware of the true (hidden) face of America. He never talks politics or religion, never makes accusations, or blames anyone, using only the witness of suffering and injustice to wake people up.