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Ali Anthony Bell author interview by the News site International Morocco during the book signing event at Calliope Bookstore in Casablanca, Morocco for the release of the paperback version of the adult fiction novel "From the Red City to the White House". Now available as an -book at all major e-book retailers with the exception of Amazon. The Author refuses to buy or sell anything on Amazon for ethical reasons, namely, the extreme greed of Jeff Bezos.
Announcing the release Ali Anthony Bell’s 2nd adult fiction novel "1983-1984 Surfing the Purple Wave", introduction of the author and e-books self-published in 2020.
This is a fairy tale written and narrated by Ali Anthony Bell, excerpt from his adult fiction novel “1983-1984 Surfing the Purple Wave” Chapter 11, The Castle. The background music is "The Black Swan", composed by Sergy Cheremisinov.
This is excerpt of Chapter 10 “Gentle Blades”, of the adult fiction novel 1983 - 1984 Surfing the Purple Wave, written by Ali Anthony Bell, containing the song “"Turnin' in Circles" Musical composition by Jean-Louis Barges, Lyrics and vocals by Ali Anthony Bell, book excerpts preceding and following the song narrated by Ali Anthony Bell. Anthony arrives in Paris on September 7, 1983, shortly after he joins a pop-rock band in Paris as the lead singer. This is the original recording of the song "Turnin' in Circles" made on a simple cassette recorder in 1983, which is mentioned in Chapter 10 "Gentle Blades" including a short excerpt from the novel before and after the song.


“We are all smart in our own way” TEDx UEHTP. This TEDx event, under the theme of “Go Beyond” occurred on April 29, 2017 at the Moroccan Civil Engineering School EHTP in Casablanca, where Ali Anthony Bell taught High Intermediate and Advanced students in the school year 2013/2014. He has also served as a Judge of Juries for competitions of Public speaking and Debates in English, notably at the EHTP Olympiades in 2015, 2016 and 2017, has been a Guest speaker at HEM, and spoke on language learning at the TEDx ENSA Tangier in November 2016.

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Podcast # 3 - Improve  Your English, Change Your Life

In this 3rd Episode of the podcast, Ezzoubeir Jabrane and Gari Sullivan interview Ali Anthony Bell about his new self-help book "Improve Your English! Change Your Life!", which he wrote to encourage people to learn English on their own. Ali talks about his book, explains the reasons why he wrote it, and lays out his views on the future of the English language in Morocco.