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“I have known Ali Anthony Bell in his supervisor role in the TESOL training program in Casablanca, Morocco…Mr. Bell is a hard working instructor who is willing to learn new methods to deliver his training. He is loved by his students.”

Tien Chau (EdD)


“Ali Anthony est un très bon traducteur du français à l'anglais. Il est efficace, pointilleux et ponctuel... ” (Ali Anthony is a very good translator from French to English. He is efficient, meticulous, and delivers on time…)

Mohamed NADIF

Actor, Director, and Producer, AWMAN Productions


“Ali is a gifted instructor and teacher as well. …he knows a variety of creative teaching methods to ensure you learn what you need to. His calming personality makes you feel completely comfortable, even when you're making mistakes. He is always encouraging and positive.” 


IT Procurement & Sourcing Expert


“I have known Ali since we first met in 2009 at the party following the closing ceremony of the Salé International Women’s Film Festival. He is honest, reliable and a hard worker with a positive attitude.
We have collaborated on subtitling several Moroccan films into English, and you can depend on him for high quality English translations delivered on time. ”

Dana Schondelmeyer

Project Director


“I have known Mr. Ali Bell for many years and would highly recommend him for any English teaching/training/coaching, both for one-to one and in groups, as well as for the translation of any kind of document from French to English.”

Amina Rajouh

HR Project Manager and Training Advisor


I worked with Ali in several web and communication projects. He always delivered very satisfying work even within tight deadlines and high pressure. For that and other criterias, I highly recommend Ali.

Yasser Monkachi

Founder and CEO, Social Impulse+


Book reviews

From the Red City to the White House

Shelley Hahn
“What a journey Ali Anthony Bell takes us on in "From the Red City to the White House!" From his arrival in a strange new land, through his acclimation to a new culture and his claiming of a new faith, all while riding on a roller coaster of promise to poverty and back again--numerous times, Anthony/Ali demonstrates resiliency of spirit and leads us to a destination filled with hope and possibility. Through this exploration of the discovery of destiny, I found myself buoyed by the vision of what is possible when human spirit discovers faith.”

rated it  ★★★★ on Goodreads

Ahlam Kassab
“How do I tell if a book is worth finishing? If I can’t put it down! From the very first chapter it’s nearly impossible not to continue reading. Such a mesmerising experience to go through the pages and living Mr. Ali’s story as my own. Would definitely read it again! Thank you for the amazing work Mr. Ali, can’t wait to read your next work!”

rated it  ★★★★ on Goodreads

Chaymae Sahraoui
“Great book. I enjoyed it so much that I finished it in 2 days. It is amazing how the hero/author evolved in his journey to find inner peace and true love. His journey is so inspiring.”

rated it  ★★★★ on Goodreads

In the Lion’s Den

Ghizlane Lahlou
“I was lucky to be one of Mr Ali Anthony Bell's students in engineering school. His English classes were very interesting and interactive. He was a passionate and a very motivated teacher. As a writer, Mr Ali Anthony Bell transports the reader into his own world. When reading his memoir, I could imagine every character of it and share his emotions... I even cried at the end of the book because the words were powerful! I recommend this memoir and will certainly read other books of Mr. Ali Anthony Bell.”

rated it  ★★★★☆ on Goodreads